Exigency in academic writing

The distributed cutting of positions is preferable to the elimination of programs because such cutting would least affect the capacity of the University to fulfill its mission. Faculty bodies participating in the process may be drawn from the faculty senate or elected as ad hoc committees by the faculty; they should not be appointed by the administration.

Policies and Procedures Manual

The teaching portfolio should include, but is not limited to, evidence of teaching excellence as follows: This policy will be changed by the University only through the procedures specified for the amendment of the Faculty Handbook Section The Faculty Hearing Committee and the Staff Hearing Committee shall ensure prompt hearings that are thorough and fair but need not be judicial in nature.

Verification of stages of development is mandatory. The purpose of the APSU financial exigency policy is to establish the criteria and process regarding financial exigency at the university.

The Deans and Provost will create a list of programs that least meet the criteria.

1:025 Policy on Academic Tenure

The following procedures shall be followed: This list is not exhaustive, and the selection and relative importance of each of these criteria will vary with the type of action contemplated as well as the nature and mission of the department to which the faculty member is assigned. In most cases the decisions to close programs are made unilaterally and are driven by criteria that are not essentially educational in nature; they are therefore not only procedurally but also substantively illegitimate.

Department chairs who teach will be evaluated for retention and tenure on their teaching effectiveness as well as their effectiveness in their administrative position. Tenure is awarded only to those members of the faculty who have exhibited professional excellence and outstanding abilities sufficient to demonstrate that their future services and performances justify the degree of permanence afforded by academic tenure.

That transmittal must include the written response by the Financial Exigency Committee to both; The president's plan for allocating necessary funding reductions to primary budgetary sub-units; and Plans for the primary budgetary sub-units for effecting their designated budget reductions.

Procedures Introduction It is the intent of APSU to develop policies and operational practices designed to provide emergency procedures, including reduction-in-force, should the University experience a condition of financial exigency.

Definitions Financial Exigency The formal declaration by the Austin Peay State University Board of Trustees that the University faces an imminent financial crisis, that there is a current or projected absence of sufficient funds appropriated or non-appropriated for the campus as a whole to maintain current programs and activities at a level sufficient to fulfill its educational goals and priorities, and that the budget can only be balanced by extraordinary means which include the termination of existing and continuing academic and non-academic appointments.

The Hearing Committees shall not review the decision concerning the declaration of financial exigency or the president's plan for the amount of reduction to be assumed by each primary budgetary sub-unit. The following conditions constitute grounds for appeal by an individual of notice of termination: Actions Required Prior to the Declaration of Financial Exigency Financial exigency results from an imminent fiscal crisis characterizing the entire University; thus, the condition of financial exigency may not be declared at a level below that of the University i.

Actions Required Subsequent to the Declaration of Financial Exigency Should the Board of Trustees formally declare a state of financial exigency at one of its institutions, the president shall in a reasonable time and with appropriate documentation initiate a proposed plan to allocate necessary funding reductions among the primary budgetary sub-units e.

Such reallocation shall occur with all applicable shared governance procedures as detailed in Section 14 of the Faculty Handbook. Sometimes such reallocation may include the relocation or dismissal of personnel or the restructuring of units to serve better the mission of the University.

The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency

It goes beyond doing a good job in the classroom; creative teachers should organize, record, and document their efforts in such a way that their colleagues may share their contributions to the art of teaching. That response shall include either an endorsement or a recommendation of alternatives.

After the exigency has been declared over and as financial resources become available, restoration of funds to Academic Affairs will be given priority. If the Board declares a state of financial exigency, the Administration must expeditiously within two days of Board action convene another forum of the same composition described above to consider means of eliminating the remaining deficit which will, to the greatest extent possible, maintain the credit hour production in courses which meet the four criteria listed below.

Because the University receives public support and student fees for performing this primary activity, the overarching principle which guides the University in times of financial stringency and exigency through the application of this policy is that the University will first significantly reduce expenditures that subsidize university programs and activities which do not directly contribute to the development of educated persons.

As a primary component of his or her review of plans submitted by heads of primary budgetary sub-units, the president shall - prior to accepting them - submit the plans for review by the Financial Exigency Committee.

The Role of the Faculty in Conditions of Financial Exigency

The scholarship of teaching is a valid measure of research capability. Financial Exigency. Austin Peay State University: or staff resulting from a budgetary crisis reflected in a declared state of financial exigency.

Academic or Administrative Unit. An academic department or other similar account-level unit. The Financial Exigency Committee shall submit in writing to the president its response to. Choose the Right Synonym for exigency. juncture, exigency, emergency, contingency, pinch, strait (or straits) crisis mean a critical or crucial time or state of affairs.

juncture stresses the significant concurrence or convergence of events. an important juncture in our country's history exigency stresses the pressure of restrictions or urgency of demands created by a special situation.

Policies and Procedures Manual

A rhetorical situation is the context of a rhetorical act, made up (at a minimum) of a rhetor (a speaker or writer), an issue (or exigence), a medium (such as a speech or a written text), and an audience.

One of the first modern scholars to focus on the concept of the rhetorical situation was. Introductions Academic writers enter various conversations within their disciplines through their writing. Because academic writing values a logical ordering of ideas, nothing should come as a surprise; therefore, a preview of the main sections of the Exigency should be as concrete as possible, avoiding abstract idealism.

5:025 Financial Exigency

Introductions Academic writers enter various conversations within their disciplines through their writing. Therefore, successful introductions effectively insert a voice into a conversation by generally meeting four expectations: 1.

Acknowledging the conversation (context) 2. In other words, says Cheryl Glenn, a rhetorical exigence is "a problem that can be resolved or changed by discourse (or language) All successful rhetoric (whether verbal or visual) is an authentic response to an exigence, a real reason to send a message" (The Harbrace Guide to Writing, ).Commentary.

Exigency in academic writing
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