Factors affecting the academic performance of elementary pupils

He added that the older teachers had been observed as having better people skills that enabled them engage students in activities that maximized their potential. It is assumed that this is because harassment in this study was treated generally, and it was not limited to sexual harassment, which could be experienced by male students as well.

This means that the greater the teaching load a teacher had, the less likely they were to assist students achieve quality grades at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. In the words of Zimmerman [ 21 ], self-regulated learning strategies are actions and processes directed at acquiring information or skill that involve agency, purpose, and instrumentality perceptions by learners.

Good teachers, nice people, comfortable chairs, a violence- free classroom, a decent school lunch, support and help from friends, and a rich literary environment with plenty of books, computers, maps, laboratories, and other learning aids can help a student to perform well in school.

David, who rendered their time and guidance and suggestions that served as her motivation to do her best. Fredriksen, Rhodes, Reddy, and Way conducted a longitudinal study on the effects of adolescent sleep loss during middle school.

Because these teachers have a good grasp of content in their subject areas they are better placed to cover the syllabus in good time as well as engage their students in thorough revision. Thus, without any hesitation, it can be concluded that these two indicators play an important role in enhancing the academic performance of students' performance.

On purpose, majority of the participants Getting to and from school remains a paramount challenge. Data obtained from document analysis in the sampled school indicated that the provided housing for teachers always gave preference to female teachers to reside in the school compound. Policy-making and programs must be informed by these research findings, and not by mere intuitions or presuppositions.

From Table 2 results, it must be noted that, at the point of significance level, the component with the higher mean, for instance, rehearsal strategies and effort regulation strategies, the significance was in favor of rehearsal strategies.

Additionally, the study solicited Liberian junior and senior high school students self-reports regarding factors hindering their learning to inform policy-making and evidence-based programing. Appertaining access distance to and from schoolthe finding of this study is consistent with one of the challenges identified by the Ministry of Education to be impeding efforts to have every child in school, according to Gbollie et al.

Factors affecting financial performance. Bernard, Free, Compulsory Education: A student needs time to be in class, and appropriate time for study. Why Students Fail Some reasons for college student failure may include: They may be able to improve their academic performance with the findings that are established by this study.

The following are recommended: In the United States, in particular, there is a difference between the attitudes boys and girls take towards the subject of math. In the present study we found Learning Strategies of Liberian Students Descriptive statistics indicating the means and standard deviations were run, which showed mean differences.

This means that This means that teachers who are holders of the Bachelor of Education degree strongly and significantly influence performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

The Factors affecting grade school performance of students with preschool education I believe is highly influences the different factors that affect the academic performance of the Filipino youth in their growing years.

Factors that may affect students’ academic achievement

sustainable development. While difficulty with math may be a matter of talent, many factors can affect a student's performance in a math course.

Factors Affecting the Students' Academic Performance

Teacher, parents and students should understand how a poor grade may reflect something beyond a lackluster effort. affect them and their personal factors that affect performance in Mathematics, and established the strategies that can be adopted to improve performance in Mathematics.

Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the. This research focused in determining the relationship between the related factors and the academic performance of randomly selected intermediate pupils in three (3) selected public schools in Porac East District school year Factors that may affect students’ academic achievement Here are some of the factors that may affect a student’s academic achievement: The support and availability of the parents, their financial situation and standard of living.

The study dealt with the factors that affect the attitudes and academic performance of the pupils towards learning the Chinese language. Enriquez, E. L. (). The practice of media education in the Philippines: a case study of the experience of the Philippine Association for Media Education.

Factors affecting the academic performance of elementary pupils
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Factors that may affect students’ academic achievement