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Use the titles and labels of the graphs, charts and diagrams to do this. It should not be a list of bullet points, but a properly organized essay, written in full sentences. If you have three body paragraphs, put the best one first, followed by the weakest one in the middle, and lastly the second-strongest.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when writing your response. Try using this three-paragraph organizational template when writing your Task 1 response: Put your best foot forward When organising the opinion essay during the outline stage, determine the order in which you will present your ideas.

Just like Tip 1, this writing technique also adds to your score in Coherence and Cohesion. The readings are taken from academic journals, magazines, books and newspapers.

The 6 Step Writing Process Follow this step-by-step process to produce well structured summaries that please the examiners. Not only is this a great way to add more words to your introduction, it can increase your score in Coherence and Cohesion, which is based on how well you link your ideas.

The more you practice this process the more confident you will become.

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Read sample essays and take note of the ones with good structure to have a wide range of academic structures for task 1. Try identifying these three things in the question: In many languages English includedthere are many ways to develop a body paragraph, which results in a situation where that topic sentence is not the first sentence.

If you are writing a letter, make sure you identify the register formal or informal and know what salutations and closings are acceptable. Write an over view.

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In the General Training paper, you will be given a mixture of long and short texts of a much more general nature about work or social situations. The reading skills required prediction, finding specific information, identifying opinion etc.

You should look for small mistakes in spelling and grammar. Focus on the general trends, but support them with numbers from the visual. What are at two or more general trends.

So how detailed should your outline be. Having looked at this graph, you could say that half the students did not like the film. Your examiner will be checking that you can structure your answer well and connect your ideas appropriately.

The actual structure of your answer should be like this: The second task is more demanding. Later you can get back, find all the symbols that you have marked and try answering those questions again if you have time. Here, if possible, you should make detailed comparisons between different groups of data.

Candidates need to summarise visual data into a minimum of words. Task 2 essays need only have two strong body paragraphs, although three is certainly a plus if you can manage it.

The model answer below follows this exact structure which makes it easy to see what the purpose of each paragraph is. Practice is the only way to gain success. This will help you think of synonyms to use while writing. Therefore, it is important to structure paragraphs and sentences so that they present one idea per sentence and one controlling idea per paragraph.

However, there could also be more than one of the same type of graph or a combination of graphs and charts. However, you could also be given an object or series of pictures or diagrams or a flow chart to describe. When you interpret graphs, tables and charts, you will find that you have to compare and contrast some of the details.

Nurses, doctors, and teachers are undervalued Film actors and company bosses are paid too much You are being asked to explain:. Preparation for the IELTS Academic Writing task 1: Being able to understand and describe graphic information or data is an important academic skill.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 tests your ability to describe factual information, presented in a graphic and diagrammatic form, clearly and accurately. In this post we will cover essential IELTS writing tips to help you get Band 7 or higher in the IELTS Academic Writing Test.

First, we will look at IELTS writing tips for the whole test, then some specific tips for Task 1 and finally specific tips for Task 2. Learn how to write an essay in IELTS Academic & General Training Writing tests. Know the key attributes & structure.

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We are a community-driven website with free real IELTS exams, IELTS tips and numerous innovative features to make IELTS online testing easier, helping students. Every website offers a free IELTS practice test PDF, or rather multiple IELTS practice test PDFs.

Below, I’ve gathered links to the official free IELTS practice tests. IELTS Writing: Free Sample IELTS Essays | Good Luck IELTS But, from the example, you can see that it is possible to re-write the question using completely different vocabulary and still retain the original meaning and 'flavour' of the from question.

Ielts academic writing tips free
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