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Wrong Format Lemeshow S. The journal will follow COPE guideline in suspected cases of plagiarism. This includes the submission of manuscripts derived from the same data in such a manner that there are no substantial differences in the manuscripts.

If no conflicts exist, the authors should state this. Proofs Corrected proofs must be returned to the publisher within two to three days of receipt.

Like other forms of writing, academic writing follows its own rules and guidelines. Confusion is abetted by the plethora of categorizations that have arisen to describe aspects of works of literature and their reception history. If the article is accepted, authors will be asked to provide the source files of the figures.

The publisher makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the material contained herein. Wrong Format Nazni P, et al. Once published, the protocol can be updated and cited in other articles. Preparation of Figures Upon submission of an article, authors should include all figures and tables in the PDF file of the manuscript.

Authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of the references. Title The title phrase should be brief. Acknowledgments All acknowledgments if any should be included at the very end of the manuscript before the references.

Authors are responsible for ensuring that the information in each reference is complete and accurate. Introduction This section should be succinct, with no subheadings.


Introduction This section should be succinct, with no subheadings. If the method from a previous article is used then this article must be cited and discussed.

All references should be numbered consecutively in the order of their first citation. Supplementary materials are not modified by our production team. ShakespeareGordimer et al. Table use should be kept to a minimum. Authors can freely download the PDF file from which they can print unlimited copies of their articles.

The Title Page should take account of the authors' full names and affiliations, the name of the corresponding author along with phone, fax and E-mail information. Submitting authors are responsible for coauthors declaring their interests.

By addressing the historical role of telecommunications in the city, I attempt to contextualize the use of mobile social networks not as entirely radical and new, but as a next step in the intricate interdependency between communication technology and urban living.

No literature should be cited. All submissions must be written in good English. Authors can submit one file of supplementary material along with their manuscript through the Manuscript Tracking System.

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences

This must include the medical history, demographics, symptoms, tests etc. The Introduction The statement of the problem in addition to the background of the study should be clearly and concisely stated. Palmer, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, individual communication.

Tables must have a short descriptive title positioned at the top-left corner of the table. Trapezoidal numbers form an important class of figurate numbers that has extensively been studied see [ 2 — 7 ]. My analysis is based on research conducted between March and January Preparation of Figures Upon submission of an article, authors should include all figures and tables in the PDF file of the manuscript.

Maddalena does a fine job debunking this dowdy idea. Does every sentence that makes a claim have to be prefaced by "I argue," "I think that," "My position is," "I contend that," "I posit that," "I claim that," "My claim is," etc. Preparation of Tables Tables should be cited consecutively in the text.

The journal employs a rigorous peer review system. Subheadings should be indicated in normal text and title case. Tables should be self-explanatory and easy to comprehend without reference to the text. It can be divided into subsections if several methods are described.

The publisher will do everything possible to ensure prompt publication. Issue of Plagiarism in scientific writing. I think this is partly due to the fact that we have no tradition of teaching academic writing at all; although writing is essential to an academic's.

Grammar for Academic Writing provides a selective overview of the key areas of English grammar that you need to master, in order to express yourself correctly and appropriately in academic writing. Those areas include the basic distinctions of meaning in the verb tense system, the use of.

This post is going to be something like my official position statement on the use of "I" in academic writing -- or more specifically, a critique of the arguments against using "I" in academic writing, most of which I find utterly baseless.

My opinions have been informed by conversations with many teachers over the course of my eleven(?) years teaching college writing, and I'm not singling. Handbook for Academic Medicine Writing Workshop. 1. This reference handbook was compiled and annotated by members of the Academic Medicine Editorial Staff.

Managing Editor Anne Farmakidis. Director, Staff Editing Albert Bradford. Senior Staff Editors Mary Beth DeVilbiss Jennifer Campi. International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences is a refereed math journal devoted to publication of original research articles as well as review articles, with emphasis on unsolved problems and open questions in mathematics and mathematical sciences.

All areas listed on the cover of Mathematical Reviews, such as pure and applied mathematics, mathematical physics, theoretical. Bibliographic content of IJMMS, Vol.

9. Larry R. Harris: User Oriented Data Base Query with the ROBOT Natural Language Query System.

Ijmms academic writing
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